title director producer role
Oct 17 90 minutes Simon Baker Louise Palmvist Sound Designer
June 17 Death in Shoreditch Douglas Ray Future Now Sound Recordist
Jan 17 The Great Unwashed Louis Fonseca Mangoose Films Sound Designer
June 14 Mile End

Nominated: Best Feature: 2015 Raindance
Best Feature: NYC Film Festival
Best Feature: Melbourne Indie FF
Best Screenplay: Sydney Indie FF
Graham Higgins Graham Higgins Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer
May 14 Abduct Ilyas Kaduji Abduct Films Ltd Production Sound Mixer
Sept 13 The Turtle and the Sea Marek Budzynski The Turtle and the Sea Ltd Sound Recordist
July 13 The Milkyway Tor Mian HydraFilms Sound Recordist
May 18 Inside the Tower Bill Locke Channel 5
Lion TV
(4 episodes)
Sound Recordist
Oct 17 Every *Blank* Everything Guy Davidson Comedy Central Sound Recordist
April 17 Fake or Fortune

Rachel Jardine BBC1 Sound Recordist
Oct 16 Takashi Marie-Cecile Embleton Seemab Gul Sound Recordist
Sound Designer
Jun 16 The Watchmaker

South by South West 2017
Leipzig Doc Fest 2016
Marie-Cecile Embleton Marie-Cecile Embleton Sound Designer
Feb 16 Fake or Fortune

Lucian Freud
Rachel Jardine BBC1 Sound Recordist
Sept 15 The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Ear

with Jeremy Paxman transmission BBC2 Aug 2016
Jack Macinnes Lion TV Sound Recordist
July 15 Little Book of Answers Laura Malacart Tate Modern Sound Recordist
July 15 Cover Songs David Vincent BBC4 Sound Recordist
May 15 Fake or Fortune

Rachel Jardine BBC1 Sound Recordist
April 15 The Public Life of Manick G.

Sheffield Doc Fest 2015
Wimbledon 2015
Meghan Horvath Meghan Horvath Sound Designer
April 15 Pol Pot (PBS) Leo Eaton Eaton Creative Sound Recordist
Feb 15 The Treasures of Ancient Greece David Vincent BBC4 Sound Recordist
Feb 15 Sappho: Love and Life on Lesbos

(transmission May 2015: BBC4)
Jack Macinnes Mayavision


Sound Recordist
June 13 Folk in Her Machine

Starring Jodhie May
Rosalind Fowler Rosalind Fowler Sound Recordist, Composer
May 13 The Runners

Sheffield Doc Fest 2013
Open City Doc Fest
New Orleans Film Fest
Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley Banyak Films Sound Design, Composer
Feb 13 How We Live Meghan Horvath Banyak Films Composer, Sound Design
Sept 12 Off Frame Mohanad Yaqubi Monkey Bay Productions Sound Recordist
June 12 Trouser People Spring Films Sound Recordist
April 12 Alighiero Boetti Matteo Pizzarello Miracles Pictures Sound Recordist
Sept 07 Night Spirits Rabinder Minhas Sound Recordist
July 18 Instax (Fujifilm) Amanda Jones Mad Ruffian Sound Recordist
July 17 Lloyds Jamie Mylam Sapient Razorfish Sound Recordist
March 17 Pampers Guy Davidson TOAD Sound Recordist
Jan 17 Dior Laure Prouvost TANK Magazine Sound Recordist
Dec 15 EXmas Keri Collins XFilm Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Oct 15 Cineworld IMAX Christopher Wood Mad Ruffian Sound Recordist
May 15 Winsor & Newton Sam Callis Breakneck Films Sound Recordist
April 15 Al Heez Shelly Love Serious Pictures Sound Design
Jan 15 The North Face Matan Rochlitz Banyak Films Sound Design
Oct 14 Jawbone Jason Fisher-Jones xFilm Sound Recordist
July 14 Panasonic Anthony Leonardi Genlock Films Sound Recordist
May 14 Sony Playstation: Singstar Olly Burn Making Pictures Sound Recordist
April 14 CPD VJ Davidson Twig Sound Recordist
Dec 13 Qatar National Day
x4 commercials
Shelly Love Serious Pictures Composer, Sound Designer
Oct 11 Rated People Matteo Pizzarello VCCP Blue Sound Designer
2007-08 Sony Playstation : Buzz: x3 Titles

BAFTA award winning game
Relentless Software Somethin’ Else Recording Engineer, Dialogue Editor
2007-08 Big Chill, Fabric, Bookslam podcasts

Sony Radio Academy Gold Award Winner
Becky Jacobs Karen P Productions Recording Engineer, Dialogue Editor
June 06 Vodaphone Somethin’ Else Sound Recordist
Sept 17 Veiled Tala Nahas Katja Bojuc-Macintosh Sound Recordist
July 17 The Outer Circle Adam Baroukh Chi Thai Sound Mixer, Sound Design
May 17 The Stranger Anna Blandford nna Valdez Hanks Sound Mixer
March 16 The Swing of It Douglas Ray Finite Films Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Feb 16 Watchmaker Marie-Cecile Embleton Marie-Cecile Embleton Sound Design
Jan 16 Catch Dominic Rees-Roberts
Paul Cooke
BorderPoint Films Sound Design
June 15 The Fallen Circus

Selected LSFF 2015
Underwire Film Festival 2015
Shelly Love Serious Pictures Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer
May 15 Tomoko Nick Norman-Butler Finite Films Sound Recordist
Oct 14 Whisper

selected Wimbledon Film Festival 2015
Jo Lewis Breakneck Films Sound Recordist
Sept 14 Terminal Humayun Mirza Spirit Bear Films Sound Recordist
Aug 14 Winged Warriors Evy Barry Beak Films Sound Recordist, Sound Designer
March 14 Dress Rehearsal Sam Clemens Sarastro Productions Sound Mixer
Feb 14 Undo Fred Fabre Sound Recordist
May 12 Liars Oscar Nobi Cat and Bear Productions Sound Mixer
Nov 10 Strange Gold Shoes

Shortlised for British Arrows 2011 Craft Awards
Shelly Love 2am Sound Recordist, Composer, Sound Designer
June 09 EXIT

Nominated for Peer Raben award for best sound
Mohanad Yaqubi Idioms Films Composer, Sound Designer
2001 Natalie Umbruglia:

Beauty on the Fire

Pascal Gabriel BMG Assistant Engineer
to Kylie Minogue:


Pascal Gabriel Parlophone Assistant Engineer
2003 Bond:

Shine & Best Of

Beatmasters Decca Programmer